Album Review*: Timecop, ‘You Can’t Go Back From Where You Are Right Now’ (EP)

burning dome

(*not actually a review, just a shameless plug)

I’m going on vacation for a week, but before I leave, I thought I’d just say a few quick words about my new EP.

What’s this? An “EP”?? Oh, I see – you’ve finally decided to fulfill the stereotype of the music critic who “dabbles” as an artist? Very funny, Mr. Pretentious Writer-Person. Stop wasting our time and get back to work on those wryly comical semi-monthly music reviews, hipster scum. And by the way – where’s that best-of-the-year so far list? It’s almost fucking August now, for Chrissakes! Why don’t you just get your shit together already? Jesus, man.

To counter your argument, imaginary hypothetical detractors, this ain’t my first rodeo as far as music – making, not just listening – is concerned. Truth is, I’ve been a musician for literally over two decades (mostly vocals, though I’ve also been known to play a pretty mean harmonica/drum kit/vibraphone, etc.) This EP, however, is my first foray into the world of electronic music – a universe that has fascinated me for years, but which I’ve never really delved into fully myself. UNTIL NOW.

You Can’t Go Back From Where You Are Right Now (my first – and hopefully not last – release as Timecop) is a glitchy, atmospheric, idiosyncratic work – wow, with descriptors like that you’d think I was a music critic or something! – that draws equal inspiration mainly from IDM godheads like Aphex Twin and Goldie and ambient trailblazers such as Brian Eno and William Basinski. I like to think, however, that with this EP I’ve managed to channel those lofty influences into my own unique sound. More importantly, however, I finally motivated myself to thread together some of my experimental noodlings and happy electrical accidents into a cohesive whole. And you know what? I’m really, really impressed with how this thing turned out.

I hope you dig it, too.

Yours truly, faithfully and digitally,
Michael (aka Timecop)

(P.S. I swear to God I’ll have the best-of-2017-so-far list up here soon. I’m working on it. It’s coming. I promise.)


You Can’t Go Back From Where You Are Right Now (EP)

Self-released // July 28, 2017

Produced by Michael Heimbaugh

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